These are 3 Indonesian Golf Athletes who Carved Achievements

These are 3 Indonesian Golf Athletes who Carved Achievements

These are 3 Indonesian In Indonesia, the sport sbobet of golf is less popular, so it is natural that Indonesian golf athletes are less well known to the public. In fact, many Indonesian golf athletes have made achievements in the international arena.

So, who are the golf athletes who have made Indonesia proud in international golf events? They are Danny Marsin, Rory Hie, and Alfred Raja.

Profile of Danny Marsin, Indonesian Golf Athlete with Rich Achievements

Danny Masrin is an athlete who has been poor across the world of golf. He often participates in golf competitions both domestically and abroad. Danny Masrin started his career as a professional golfer in 2015. The son of one of the richest people in Indonesia, Jimmy Masrin has made various achievements and has entered the ranks of Indonesia’s top pro golf players. In fact, Danny was once the second best golfer in the country when he was 23 years old.

In his first year as a professional golfer, Danny successfully won three national titles on the Indonesian Golf Tour (IGT). He has also successfully participated in the Asian Tour event in Indonesia and several times on the Asian Development Tour.

These are 3 Indonesian Golf Athletes who Carved Achievements

Profile of Rory Hie, Indonesian Golf Athlete Who Won Asian Tour

The second best Indonesian golf athlete is Rory Hie. In 2019, Rory managed to answer public doubts about the achievements of Indonesian golfers by winning the Classic Golf And Country Club International Championship which was held in India. Since then, the game has been consistent. He was in the top 10 on the four tours that followed.

In addition, Rory is the only Indonesian golf athlete to win a title from the Asian Tour. At that time, he made a total of 267 strokes or 21 strokes under par. Rory also received a prize of 54 thousand United States dollars.

Profile of Alfred Raja, an Indonesian Golf Athlete who carved out honors in the US

Golfer Alfred Raja once made Indonesia proud in the international arena. He has won the Pacific Northwets Men’s Ameteur Golf tournament at the Idaho Club, Sandpoint, United States. The King’s achievements are commendable. The reason is, the tournament has also been won by the famous golfer and world golf legend, Tiger Woods.

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