How To Play Rugby

How To Play Rugby

Rugby is a sport that is quite popular in Canada and America which is the development of the game of football. This sport of rugby can be played by 13 or 15 people using an oval ball that can be dribbled forward in any way.

Rugby is a sport that was created by the British, this can be seen from the following historical records. According to Tony Biscombe & Peter Drewett (2010: XIII) history records that in 1823.

At a school football game in the city of Rugby, England, a boy named William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran towards the opponent’s goal line. That was the beginning of the emergence of the current game of Rugby.

How To Play Rugby

Two centuries later, Rugby has evolved into one of the most famous sports in the world, where millions of people play, watch and enjoy the game of Rugby, but unfortunately at that time rugby in Indonesia was still not as well-known as in European and American countries.

Currently, rugby is gaining popularity in Indonesia and many have started to recognize the game of rugby. Especially for people who do not know Rugby, they will find it difficult to distinguish between Rugby and American Football.

Rugby is a sport that is almost the same because it uses an oval-shaped ball. In essence, American Football is a modification of the sport of Rugby. But these two sports are very different, starting from the equipment, different ways of playing and the rules.

During a school football game in England in 1823, William Webb Ellis took the ball in his hand and carried it away. Since then, began the rugby football match. This sport was created based on history that happened spontaneously.

Then the University of Cambridge modified this game, popularizing and creating the formal rules of rugby. Rugby became popular in 1871 in schools in England. situs slot gacor Then the rugby club announced the formal rules of the game of rugby in London ten years later.

In 1895 the Rugby League (The Rugby League) was founded with 13 games along with increasingly professional rules. Rugby began to become more popular throughout the world and matches between countries were held.

Various changes have been implemented. In 1880 scrum was modified, meaning the behavior or way of restarting the game after a foul when both groups of opponents come forward together with their heads down and each other and press to get the ground while scrumhalf throws the ball and the midfielder (hooker) tries to grab it.

The ball to their own team. Players are usually called by the referee (many sets) but can be formed spontaneously (loose crowds).

By 1905 Sarthmore’s match with Pennsylvania had sparked a commotion. President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt has changed the rules to reduce violence in the game of rugby.

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