Viktor Axelsen is the All England champion: It is a dream come true!

After falling in the final last year, the Dane has returned even stronger, making history as the first European to lift the men’s singles trophy since 1999.

Fellow Dane and game slot gacor badminton legend, Peter Gade, won that year. Axelsen now joins Gade and all the big-name champions of this prestigious tournament in previous years, after defeating Chou Tien Chen in straight games, 21-13, 21-14.

Lifting up the trophy and inspecting it with a beaming smile, Axelsen said.

-A lot of legendary names on this one. It is a dream come true. Every badminton player dreams of winning the All England and right now I can say that I am the All England winner 2020. It sounds situs slot terpercaya pretty good in my ears. I am so happy right now.

Putting my name on this trophy is a big achievement

Axelsen displayed some great attacking badminton in the final, commenting on this, the former world champion stated.

-I think I managed to play really well today. In these finals it comes down to whether you can control your emotions and stick to the game plan. I managed to do that today and I am so happy about that.

This is a significant moment for European badminton and something for Danes to celebrate. Axelsen commented on this by saying.

-Looking at the legendary Danish men’s singles players that have been doing well here, putting my name on this trophy is a big achievement. I do not know really what to say other than right now I have to enjoy this win. I am really happy and proud about my performance this week.

Chou Tien Chen, who is the reigning Indonesia Open champion, shared a word on his opponent and what he will focus on after this experience.

-It was difficult for me as he is really fast and was able to control me, so I need to work harder after this final, as this is the only way I can improve. He was better than me, but I will prepare more because I want to win a title here.

Simple Christmas Home Decor Ideas to Try This Season

Christmas Home Decor Ideas – The holiday season, as magical as it might be, have a very certain demanding undertone. An unspoken pressure makes everybody want something to look perfect, lower towards the tiniest detail. Just us? Did not think so.

However, sometimes it is the simplest décor that appears chic and instructions probably the most attention. We are speaking easy linen swaps and mantle makeovers that you can do immediately. Ahead, Christmas Home Decor Ideas that are really simple to recreate and can have you ever decking the halls very quickly-sans the strain.

DIY Simplistic Wreaths

Xmas home decor idea

We like this simplistic undertake the standard Christmas wreath-also it could not be better to DIY, as well. In case your decorating style leans a little more minimalistic, these wire wreaths with simple carol branches will your style to your Christmas home’s design.

Let Your Tree Speak for Itself

Xmas home decor ideas

You don’t need to go outrageous inside your Xmas home decor idea. Whether it’s a simplistic look you seek, keep to the basics with regards to adorning your tree. This straightforward Christmas setup is an ideal supply of naturalistic decorating inspiration.

Bring Simple Décor to the Kitchen

Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

In case your home boasts neutral tones and simplistic vibes, your Xmas home decor ideas can your styled in without tossing off your perfectly-curated aesthetic. Add small, simplistic wreaths across your kitchen area- an unlikely space to get Christmas cheer-for any unique but nonetheless low-maintenance Christmas Home Decorating Ideas.

Hang a Delicate Garland

Christmas home decor ideas

Christmas garland has numerous forms past the lush, bushy evergreen options. What we should love relating to this Christmas setup may be the juxtaposition from the lavish, classic tree and also the simplistic and delicate pom-pom garland. This really is this type of cute method to add Christmas home decor ideas.

Hang a Festive Banner

Home decor ideas for Christmas

Whether you are recognized to procrastinate or else you just choose to keep things simple, this Home decor idea for Christmas staple is a that may be set up minutes before your visitors arrive. A glittery holiday banner draped across your mantle instantly ups the Christmas cheer and appears Instagrammable as well.

Swap Your Linens

Christmas home decor idea

An easy Christmas home decor idea? Swap your sheets. The next time you remove your sheets for any laundry refresh, consider storing your day-to-day linens and swapping them for any more festive set.

Trade your comforter for any plaid quilt and bust out the Christmas-themed throw pillows. The best of this is that you could apply these simple swaps in each and every room of your property, out of your bedroom for your family room.

DIY a Table Runner

Christmas room decor ideas

Regardless of whether you gather them out of your backyard, a close park, or perhaps your local farmer’s market, clusters of pine needles allow for the right Christmas room decor ideas. We like the thought of lining them up to lower the center to produce the feel of a brand new runner. Give a velvet or silk bow for any festive touch.

Show Off Your Collection

Homemade Christmas decor ideas

Be it a variety of vintage Christmas tree ornaments or an accumulation of bottle brush trees, displaying your findings inside a beautiful strategy is decoration enough. We like how this curation of Homemade Christmas decor ideas looks displayed so as by color, the best of this is that this rainbow undertaking the holiday season must’ve taken minutes to set up.

Break Out the Twinkle Lights

Home decorating ideas for Xmas

Regardless of whether your Home decorating ideas for Xmas have a porcelain village and small Christmas trees or you’d rather go ahead and take a minimal route, nothing states the holiday season that can compare with just one strand of twinkle lights. String them along windowsills, tabletops, or perhaps your media center for any simple and quick holiday update.

Make a Citrus Garland

Xmas home decor ideas easter

A brand new idea if we have seen one, this sliced orange garland adds a sunny twist to traditional Xmas home decor ideas easter-and it is a great way to provide new existence to create that’s near to expiration. Slice an orange or lemon in thin slices and dry out them within the oven or allow them to dry up on the baking rack over a few days. Use string or twine to connect them together to produce a gorgeous garland.